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Top 10 reasons for using an Infrared Sauna

Why you should start using an infrared sauna today! An Infrared Sauna, also known as Waon therapy, is a relatively new take on the traditional sauna. Using naturally occurring infrared rays, it activates deep core warmth at a cellular level in the body, providing a range of wellbeing benefits. Safe to use every day, and…

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The new BODHI + Emma Lewisham Facial you HAVE TO experience!

BODHI HAS PARTNERED WITH ‘PLANET POSITIVE’ EMMA LEWISHAM SKINCARE TO CREATE AN EXTRAORDINARY BRIGHTENING FACIAL FOR ULTIMATE SKIN RADIANCE AND WELLBEING Exciting news! In an exclusive collaboration, BODHI has partnered with internationally acclaimed Emma Lewisham skincare to create an exceptional illuminating facial treatment, the BODHI + EMMA LEWISHAM BRIGHTENING FACIAL. You may have seen the beautiful Emma…

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Talking planet positive skincare with Emma Lewisham

We spoke to skincare Founder Emma Lewisham about her planet positive, all-natural range, and which of her products she recommends you should start with! 1. What is your background, and what inspired you to create your own natural skincare rage? Prior to founding EL I worked as one of the few female, senior executives in…

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What does ingestible collagen do for your skin?

We spoke to WA Naturopath and Founder of JOSO Natalie McGrath, about her scientifically proven, all-natural GLOWSO Skin Health and Glow Formula, and what it does for your skin, hair and nails – and your overall wellbeing! What is GLOWSO? GLOWSO is an anti-aging skin supplement to promote skin health and radiance – now available…

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What to expect when you detox?

BODHI Founder Tania Taylor does a three month detox every year in the lead up to Christmas. Here she shares with us what to expect when you detox, how to support yourself when detoxing, as well as the many benefits. Why do you do an annual detox? I have been doing an annual cleanse for the…

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The BODHI Father’s Day Gift Guide

The best wellbeing gifts for amazing Dads.

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How to treat hyperpigmentation, naturally

Hyperpigmentation, also known as sun spots, age spots, dark spots, brown marks, is so common among Australian women, especially given our climate.

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Man Maintenance: skincare tips for men

BODHI Facialist and Spa Trainer, Tegan Hall shares her no-nonsense skin care tips for men.

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Self-care tips for mums-to-be

We asked BODHI Therapist and Trainer Tegan Hall, a mother of two beautiful bubs herself, about self-care for mums-to-be. Here’s her top tips!

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All About Eyes

The skin around the eyes has fewer oil glands so is more sensitive and delicate. It’s important to choose products specifically designed for the eye area to give it extra special care.

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