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Discover our luxurious range of holistic spa therapies to nurture mind, body and soul.


  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Available at Injidup Spa

A holistic and nurturing therapy, Reiki boosts ‘life force energy’ to balance mind, body, spirit and emotions. Removing old blockages and stagnant energy, it allows energy to flow smoothly and in harmony, to energise, revitalise and deeply relax the whole being.

Boost circulation, hydrate skin and flush out toxins with a relaxing and detoxifying steam. A steam can be enjoyed alone or as a prelude to facials, scrubs, wraps or massage.

An ancient Chinese purification technique, gentle gliding pressure with the Gua Sha stimulates lymph nodes to reduce fluid retention and detoxify for clearer more radiant skin.

Boost your favourite Bodhi facial with 1 2- minute LightStim LED skincare therapy to promote skin health and radiance, and improve skin tone and texture. LightStim increases collagen and elastin production, and blood circulation and helps boost absorption of the pure botanical formulations we employ in Bodhi facials. It also reduces inflammation and accelerates healing to help reduce pigmentation. Expect bright, dewy, radiant skin.

Customised to your skin type and concerns, this express Sodashi facial delivers instant glow. Designed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish, it leaves skin radiant, brighter and hydrated.

Not available as a stand-alone treatment. Must be booked with a Bodhi Facial.

Deep core warmth is activated at a cellular level to induce sweating, skin rejuvenation, detoxification, muscular recovery and reduce inflammation.

Using naturally occurring infrared rays, it detoxifies the body of accumulated toxins and heavy metals. Improves skin tone and helps to treat cellulite whilst deeply relaxing mind and body.

Relieve fatigue and muscular tension with a stimulating underwater hydrotherapy massage system.

An anti-fatigue express back massage to help relieve stress and tension, leaving mind and body relaxed and rejuvenated.

Alleviate fatigue and relieve tension with this nurturing ritual. Using ancient healing techniques and pressure points it melts away stress for a profound sense of wellbeing. A luxurious Sodashi scalp mud then deeply nourishes and conditions hair and scalp, leaving hair silky and shiny.

Soothe and revitalise tired feet with a Himalayan salt exfoliation, followed by a foot and lower leg massage with Sodashi's hydrating arnica and peppermint foot lotion to stimulate circulation, for complete relaxation.