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Discover our luxurious range of holistic spa therapies to nurture mind, body and soul.


  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Available at Injidup Spa

Deep core warmth is activated at a cellular level to induce sweating, skin rejuvenation, detoxification, muscular recovery and reduce inflammation.

Using naturally occurring infrared rays, it detoxifies the body of accumulated toxins and heavy metals. Improves skin tone and helps to treat cellulite whilst deeply relaxing mind and body.

Boost circulation, hydrate skin and flush out toxins with a relaxing and detoxifying steam. A steam can be enjoyed alone or as a prelude to facials, scrubs, wraps or massage.

Relieve fatigue and muscular tension with a stimulating underwater hydrotherapy massage system.

Melt away stress, tension and fatigue with a soothing bath with aroma-therapeutic essential oils.

A holistic and nurturing therapy, Reiki boosts ‘life force energy’ to balance mind, body, spirit and emotions. Removing old blockages and stagnant energy, it allows energy to flow smoothly and in harmony, to energise, revitalise and deeply relax the whole being.

Reflexology helps induce deep relaxation and boost energy levels. By understanding how the body’s organs respond to gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet, our therapists stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

This is an especially nurturing treatment to alleviate stress and fatigue.

Deeply meditative, this unique energy therapy brings balance and harmony to the body’s main chakra system for a profound sense of wellbeing. A fluid combination of massage, Sodashi chakra aromatherapy blends, reiki and crystal placement, it works subtly on the energetic body, leaving you feeling grounded and calm, yet invigorated.

Boost wellbeing and energy levels with the ancient healing sounds of the didgeridoo and crystal singing  bowls. Sound vibrations travel through the body to promote circulation, energy flow and rejuvenation.

Allow yourself to be guided into a deep state of relaxation, to melt away stress and fatigue, and calm and invigorate mind and body.

A private Yoga class to bring harmony between mind and body. The word 'Yoga' is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj', meaning 'to join' or 'to yoke' or 'to unite'.